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Sponsor A Child's Education UBC is a non-profit student-led club at the University of British Columbia (UBC) provides sponsorship for secondary school education to underprivileged South Sudanese refugee students. We raise money to sponsor these children through the various fundraising events and conferences that we hold throughout the year.

We hope to bring students of diverse cultural and social backgrounds together for a common goal of obtaining education and nurturing unity. And we endeavour to create an enriched environment for sponsored refugee students by giving them an opportunity to interact with the outside world and gain international perspectives.

Ultimately we want to create awareness around the South Sudanese community and engage UBC students and faculty members to enhance their understanding of education related challenges faced by refugees.





 Providing sponsorship to underprivileged South Sudanese secondary school students.





Rhoda is a graduate of UBC, specialized in Business Technology Management-Co-op, and is the founder of SCE. Her experiences from being raised in a refugee camp have taught her the value of empathy and compassion. These values inspired her to initiate this club with  support of the like-minded UBC students, some of whom are next on this page. She envisions a world where everyone feels valuable, and she believe that formal education is one of the tools that can open people's minds to discover their potentials.  




I am the president of SCE. I joined SCE because I wanted to join a club that was part of a wonderful charitable cause such as sponsoring a child's education! I love the fact that we can see our contributions directly impact the lives of those in need. My goal as president is to ensure all members have the support needed to carry out their roles. I want to stimulate more group discussions, build our club’s awareness and increase the number of fundraising events. I believe exciting projects are in store for us in the near future; stay tuned!




I’m Jonathan, a third year biomedical engineering student at UBC, and Treasurer of SCE. I joined SCE because I believe in quality education as a basic human right, and that by doing all we can to make education accessible, we are opening the door for children to become the shapers of tomorrow. It is our obligation as global citizens to work towards peace and equal opportunity across the world, and I am proud of the part that SCE has in that effort.

VP Finance


Taylor is currently in her third year at UBC, pursuing a Bachelor degree in International Economics as well as a Minor in German. After joining the Sponsor A Child's Education club in 2015, she has been actively involved in many club events, hoping to make a difference in the world and help south Sudanese refugee children pursue their dream. Taylor currently works as the VP Finance for the club, looking forward, she wants to contribute more to the development of the club by finding more donors and sponsorships. 

Alakiir 2.jpg

VP Marketing


I am a third year Bachelor of commerce student. I chose SCE because this is a club whose vision aligns with my values. As a person whose life was changed by education, I strongly believe in the cause of this club and through the kindness of our donors and hard work of the club leadership team, a child's life is completely change by giving them excellent secondary education and a shot at other sponsorship opportunities to get post-secondary education and make their dreams come true. I am glad to have this role to create positive impact in the world.


VP Events & Global Lounge Representative


I am the co-VP of the Marketing team for SCE this year. I truly believe in SCE’s cause, and am so privileged to have the opportunity to help make a difference. The transparency of this club allows us to see the direct impact of the donations made to the children we sponsor, as we are able to interact with them on a regular basis. I hope to we can sponsor more and more kids with time so we can help to develop the next generation of leaders!

VP Sponsorship


Responsible for seeking grants and funds, applying on time and reaching out to donors to meet our financial goals for the term.


VP External


I am the VP External for SCE this year. This club specifically appealed to me because of the personalized connection with the two students we are sponsoring and how being able to see the difference in their lives already, really makes it feel like you've accomplished something. 


VP Communications


My main responsibilities involve helping communicate within the club as well as reaching out to other organizations in an effort to collaborate. In first year I was looking for a way to get involved within the UBC community and noticed SCE was hiring. My family has always been passionate about supporting African development, particularly my grandparents, who worked in Kenya and Somalia with the organization Médecins Sans Frontières. SCE presented the perfect opportunity for me so I decided to apply! 


Applicants who wish to be considered for sponsorship by AMS SCE must meet the following criteria...

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