They say “charity begins at home”, which might mean Vancouver for you…
but as a global citizen, will you really let it end there?


Hi everyone,


I am Rhoda Akuol Philip.


I grew up in Kakakuma Refugee Camp, and did my elementary studies there before students from Murray State University helped sponsor my secondary school education outside refugee camp. Without their initiative and support from Jesuit for Refugee Services (JRS), I would have never been able to reach the position that I am in today. ​


Thanks to their financial assistance I was able to successfully complete my secondary school education. And today I am fortunate enough to be studying at the University of British Columbia on a scholarship and being one step closer to achieving my dreams. I know the power of education, I have seen first hand how it deeply it can change a person's world. And I believe that a good education is one of the most powerful tools that you can equip someone with. A tool that not only allows them to change their lives but also improve the lives of the community around them. 

So today, I turn to you and ask for your help. I ask you to support our organization in providing young South Sudanese refugee students like myself with the gift of a secondary school education. ​I urge you to take initiative and join us in supporting these brilliant young minds, so that they too may have the privilege of going to secondary school, obtaining a good education and fulfilling their dreams. 

​ — Akuol Philip, 

Founder, Sponsor A Child's Education UBC

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