Meet our students!

Fun facts: Studying, playing soccer, loves to share and help others.


  1. Has a dream of becoming someone like Nelson Mandela and only through SCI scholarship that his dream may come true.

  2. Parents are in South Sudan jobless and illiterate, and never communicated with them since he left, they cannot afford his school.

  3. Not at peace because he doesn’t know whether his parents are dead or alive. He gives himself hope that he will find them one day.


Explain how you contributed in your local community?

  1. Helps weak students of his former school with their studies

  2. Dug channels to drain flood water in his community

Kerbino Tuil Zoal

Fun facts: Great studying techniques, strong in math and sciences, self-control, self-driven and cooperative

Weaknesses: Does not compete well in games and support



  1. He has no other support

  2. He want to achieve his educational goal through SCI

  3. He has no other scholarship, he tried Windle Trust but failed school.

Explain how you contributed in your local community through activities and your talents?

  1. The scholarship will give him a chance to continue his studies to achieve his future dreams

William Malok Madong

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